Tuesday August 29 – 100 Burpees + Merry Go Round

100 Burpees for time (12-min time cap)
-Finishers take a cool down walk around the parking lot as needed-


When recovered, partner up for Merry Go Round of Deadlifts, Carries, and Running –

Both partners starting in the same direction as they would for a parking lot lap:

Partner 1 performs 5 x 2KB Suitcase Deadlifts into a farmer’s walk while

Partner 2 runs a parking lot lap

When Partner 2 catches Partner 1, they switch positions. Partner 2 does 5 DL’s to a farmer’s walk, while Partner 1 runs a parking lot lap. If at any time the partner carrying the bells has to put them down to rest before the runner arrives, they will perform 5 Deadlifts before resuming the farmer’s walk. Repeat until each partner has gone 4x.

Early finishers –

20 Glute bridge raises

20 Donkey Kicks (10/side)

20 Superman

20 Fire Hydrants (10/side)