Tuesday February 20 – Go Your Own Way

Tuesday: 2/20

Go Your Own Way (30 min AMRAP)

8 reps of each (Sprint is always 1 lap around the parking lot)

Pull: Pull ups / KB Row (per arm) / Yellow Bar Row / Single Arm JG Row (per arm)

Power: Swings / Box Jumps / 2KB Push Press / Power Tuck jumps (mod: Lunge + power Jump)

Squat: 2KB Front Squat /Goblet Sumo Squats / Pistol (Box progression) / 2KB Thruster

Sprint: Sprint the straightaways / Build Up Sprint (60%/70%/80%/ 100%) / 3 Broad jump sprint / High Knees to sprint (high knees for 10 meters then take of into a sprint around the parking lot)