Tuesday January 17 – Strength Development + EMOM

Tuesday: 1/17 

Week 2:

Next 12 Weeks Strength Development: 12 Min Max Reps Squat or Press: Every Monday and Tuesday for the next 12 weeks will start with 12 min of Max Reps for one of our main strength lifts. Campers will pick either squat or press. For example if they chose to squat on Monday than they will press on Tuesday. Campers will pick their KBs their KBs and approach the next 12 minutes working on volume for max unbroken reps for shoulder press and/or squat. 5 sets. Sets to begin every 2 minutes. Will ensure at least 90 seconds rest. Record your total volume each week. Once volume hits xx, move up in weight. 

Followed by 15 Minutes of “GO” 


1st Min:  10x Burpees 

2nd Min: 10x 2KB Push Press R(40+/30+)W(30+/20+)B(20+/15+)  

3rd Min:  10x Swings R(60+/40+)W(45+/ 35+)B(40+/30+)

R:10x = 50 of Each W: 8x = 40 of Each B: 6x = 30 of Each P: 3x Inchworm Mods,