Tuesday July 24th – 5 Person Rowing Circuit

Tuesday: 7/24  

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

Internal Rotation (Each Side)

– 10 Reps of Free Exploring Side Lying Internal/External Rotation

– 10 Reps with :5 Second pause at the top of each rep of Yoga Block Between legs focusing   on internal rotation


5 Person Rowing Circuit

– 4 Members of the group on Exercises: with a :45/:15 clock.

– 1 Member of the group Rowing for 4 Mins (Shooting for Goal)

– 1 Min Rest BTWN RNDS

  • Rower: Full 4 Min RND
  • R:(1,140m=1:45 Pace/1,040m=1:55 Pace), W:(1,040m=1:55 Pace/1,000m=2:00 Pace), B:(1,000m=2:00 Pace/889m=2:15 Pace)


Rotate in order: Rower always starts back at Hollow Option