Tuesday July 3rd – “The Betsy Ross”

Tuesday: 7/3

The Betsy Ross: 25 Min of Work

You and a partner. One person is always jump roping, the other exercising. Keep a running tally of singles or doubles b/c every 50 doubles or 150 singles = 1 pt.

Station 1: 15x KB High pull + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

Station 2: 12x (Total 6/Side) KB Goblet Stepback Lunge + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

Station 3: 25X KB Swings + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

R:(53+/45+) W:(40+/35+) B:(30+/25+)

For every station completed, earn 1 pt. After all three stations, pull from the cup.

Start back working your way through the three stations…keep track of # of stations and total jump rope.

Then, gather together for a fun 4th of July Quiz. The trainer will ask a question and each team gets a sheet of paper to write down answers. One member must always be in a type of plank: high/side/regular.

Then, swap papers and grade during stretch. Team with the most points (jump rope + stations + # answers correct) wins.