Tuesday March 6th – Team Conditioning Stations:  2×10 Minute Stations

Tuesday: 3/6

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

Lower Body 2 Moves – 3x Hip C.A.R.s and 3x Abducted Lift Offs


Team Conditioning Stations:  2×10 Minute Stations

“Cool Runnings”: Teams of 4-5 Continuous sled sprints of the next 12 minutes.

– Split group in Half in front of BLDG

– 20m Sprint Sled Push Down – Get in back of line on opposite side.

– The next person up Sprint Pushes the Sled back 20m.

– We will continue in this fashion for 12 minutes trying to see how many touches your team can get.


In Case of Rain:

10 Minute Carry & Hold Series: AMRAP

Partner # 1 Carry Series (In Middle of the Gym)

4x Touches 2KB  Farmer Carry: 2xKB (70+/50+)

4x Touches (ES) Suitcase 1xKB  (70+/50+)

4x Touches(ES) Overheard: 1xKB @ (53+/35+)

Partner #2 Holds Series: (Against Walls in Gym)  

Wall Sit

Overhead Med Ball Hold

Yellow Bar Hold B: V Hold / Ab Rocker Hold  

  • Switch Off Hold Once Partner Finishes Carry.


“Tour de FitWit:” 10 Minute Max Cal Bike

Team of 4-5 Switch every :30 Secs Scored Team with most Cals at finish gets high score

  • Bike – Rest – Plank – 10x Push Ups


8 Minute Core Finisher:

4 Mins Rolling Planks – :15 Sec Elbow Plank, :15 Sec Side Plank, :15 Sec Elbow Plank, :15 Sec Side Plank

3 Mins Bird Dog  / Dead Bug :30/:30 Rolling Clock

1 Min Hollow Hold