Tuesday May 15 – Three Day Weekend

Tuesday: 5/15

The Three Day Weekend: 30 Minute Time Cap

RND 1:

Run Ralph McGill Lap

40 Squats

40 Pushups

40 KB Swings R:(60+/40+), W:(45+/ 35+), B:(40+/30+)


RND 2:

Run to Blue Mailbox

30 Goblet Squats R:(50+/40+), W:(40+/30+), B:(30+/20+)

30 Dips

30 KB Swings


RND 3:

Run to Beltline Sculpture

20 2 KB Front Squats R:(40+,30+) W:(30+,25+) B:(25+/20+)

20 Pull Ups

20 KB Swings


RED: Toe Push Ups, Feet Up Dips, Unassisted Pull Ups.

WHITE: At least ½ pushups on toes, TRX Laying Low Rows, Feet Down for White,

BLUE: Sub 200m run every round and 20 reps every round, Knee Push Ups, TRX Laying Low Rows, Feet in Front.

Finish with Jump Rope Skill work:

Double Unders or Singles