Tuesday May 22 – “Minute to Win It”

Tuesday 5/22

“Minute to Win It” = 18 Minute Workout /15 Mins Work / 3 Minutes Rest total

1 min rest b/t rounds – ASSESSED  (retest from 3/6)

Three Rounds of: 1 Min Each Counting Reps  1 Min Rest

  • KB High Pulls R(60+/45+) W(45+/35+)B(30+/25+)

  • Wall ball R(20/15),W(15/12),B(12/10)

  • Hanging Knees to chest (Knees to chest on the floor)

  • 2KB Push Press R (35+/25+),W(30+/20+), B (20+/15+)

  • Rowing (Count Calories)

Add up reps from all exercises to get the score for the round. Final score is all rounds added up

Finish with 9-min Core and Stabilization

30 sec per exercise – 3 RNDS

Hip cars (30 sec on the left / 30 sec on the right) – from table top position

Side Plank Hold (30 on left/30 on right)

Bicycle Crunches

Down dog toe touches