Tuesday May 9th – Strength Development + Running

Tuesday: 5/9

Week 7: New 12 Weeks Strength Development: Up Weight or Up REPS

2KB Walking Lunge 5×5 (Each Leg)

2KB Deadlift 4×12

If you are Deadlifting Today: 1 Set Max Pull Ups, Assisted or Unassisted.

  • This will be be done before you start your Deadlifting.
  • Pick a Band that you could do 8-10 Reps Max with.

[If you’d like to continue your progression stay at Squat and Press]Change Squat and Press Rep Schemes 5×5 for first 4 weeks 5×3 for second 4 weeks 3×3 for last 4 weeks.

Stability: / Activation: Hip Hover and Reach :30 Each Side, 90/90 Pales and Rails

Mobility: Should C.A.R.S + PVC Pass

Followed by Weather Permitting:

  1. 1,000m Assessed Sprint – Working on Speed backwards around normal 1,000m Loop
  2. Intervals
  • Clifford Light Post Shuttle Sprints 12-15 Mins
  • Starting at bottom of Clifford at last light post…sprinting all the way up the street then jogging back down Clifford on the sidewalk. The next shuttle sprint will start on the next light post closer to the top of clifford, you will continue in this fashion until you’re starting your shuttle at the light post closest to the top of the street. Then you will start over again. Seeing how many times you can get through it.

Half Tabata Push Ups :20/:10×4 for 2 minutes of work.

Partner Up to finish today with Mobility

– Guided Partner Hamstring PNF