Tuesday November 14th – Gimme 5 AMRAP + TEAM WEEK

Tuesday: 11/14

4 Points

Attendance Point

Jump Rope Point

The Blow Out Point

Ring Toss Point

Gimme 5 – 18 min. AMRAP Non Scored:  Increases rep count by 5 every round.

This doesn’t count towards team week points. Complete three exercises in the gym and run to Dish Dive than complete three different exercises before running again. Start with 5 reps of each exercise and increase rep count by 5 each round.


– KB Squat High Pulls, 2KB Clean [Swing Clean or Dead Clean], 2KB Stepback Lunge

– Dish Dive Run

– Pull Ups (TRX Rows), Dips, Push Ups

– Dish Dive Run


Followed by TEAM WEEK:

Good vs. Evil –

  1. Partner Jump Rope Relay:
  2. “The Blow Out” Air Bike Foam Roller Race:
  3. Burpee Ring Toss: