Tuesday November 27th – The Park(s) Squared

Tuesday: 11/27

The Park(s) Squared. . . in honor of two long-time FitWitter Mer and very loyal supporter Meredith Parks and husband Randy.

30 Minute Time Cap B: 4 RNDS W: 5 RNDS R: 6 RNDS

10x 1 KB Thrusters (Total 5/Side) R:(40+/30+) W:(30+25+) B:(25+/15+)

10x Burpees B:Newbie

10x Dips

10x 1 KB Racked Walking Lunge (Total 5/Side) R:(40+/30+) W:(30+25+) B:(25+/15+)


Run Back Parking Lot loop – (Out front doors, left to corner of College and Clifton, down the the street, back into the parking lot through the back entrance and up to the the garage door)

If Cold or rain Row 100m or Bike 10 Cals

Early Finisher: Glute & Hips AMRAP

– 20x Monster Walks Knees Bent (Each Direction) [Band Around Ankles] (Push Off Back Foot)

– 20x Clam Shells (Each Side) [Band Around Knees]