Tuesday November 7 – Track Workout + Bodyweight EMOM

Newbie Day 2 :

Warm-up with the entire group

Teach Swing:

  1. Hip Hinge w/wall touch – Hinge = maximal hip bend, minimal knee bend; Squat – maximal hip bend, maximal knee bend.

  2. Deadlift and/or Goat Belly Swings

  3. Hike Pass –

    1. Practice with pendulum swing. Hike the bell behind you and let it float back to ground while maintaining engaged lats, relaxed arms, and without changing body position.

    2. Practice with kb drags, as needed

    3. Hike Pass and Stand Up (aka Swing)


Vets: Track Workout (at Skatepark)

Track Workout (non-runners will stay back at the gym for a rowing workout)

1.     2 x 500 m (outer loop at Skatepark) – rest :90 – 2 min between sprints

2.     4-5 x 100 m sprints – rest is walk back to starting line


Finish with 3-4 RNDS of Bodyweight EMOM

Every minute on the minute, perform prescribed reps of the primary exercise and finish the minute with the secondary exercise.

25 Mtn Climbers (per leg) + Inchworms

20 Dips + Tricep Pushups

15 Squat Jumps + Side Lunges

10 Bench Jumps + Glute Bridge Raises