Tuesday October 10 – Catch Me If You Can & Pressed for Time

Catch Me If You Can (12 min)

Performed with a partner. While one partner performs a loaded carry with one bell in the rack position and one bell pressed overhead, other partner runs around the parking lot until they catch up with carrier OR rows 150 m. Carrier can alternate which arm they are pressing the bell overhead with as often as possible. If they can no longer keep a bell overhead, they can regress to a 2KB rack carry and then to a 2KB farmer’s carry, as needed.

Finish as a group:

Pressed for Time

20 Wall Ball (R – 20/15, W – 15/12, B – 12/10)

12 Burpees

2x through Agility Course

R  – 6 RNDS

W – 5 RNDS

B – 4 RNDS


Early finishers:

5 PVC Pass Throughs each direction

5 Inchworms w/4 shoulder taps in top of push up position

5 Cossack Squats (per side)

5 Mtn Climbers the Hard Way (per side)