Improving your Pull Up

Pull Up Mistakes and How to Fix it: Learn how to improve your Pull Up technique to get efficient strong pull-ups. In this video, we go over hand placement and proper movement.

TRX Pull Up: A TRX exercise used to help build your back muscles so that you’ll be able to progress to regular bodyweight pull-ups. Also, learn how to advance your TRX Pull Up by changing the grip on the TRX handle.

Partner Pull Up: Grab a friend for this one! Great alternative to the band pull up to help progress into a full dead hang pull up.

Pull Up Progression: A group of exercises and technique to progressively increase the number of consecutive pull-ups. Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps.

Initiating the Pull Up: Improving the startup of the pull up by starting in the dead hang, then pulling the shoulder blades back and down to engage the lats and put them in a more favorable position to complete the movement. Then engage the arms and pull.

Supinated Grip Hang: Exercise to improve Pull Up strength and REVERSE misalignment of shoulders that have become rounded and forward from poor posture.