Improving your Push Up

Here at FitWit we are walking away from knee push-ups and finding drills that can progress you to up on your toes, perfect form full push-ups. Below you’ll find 3 drills for increasing your upper body strength and getting to those glorious toe pushups!

Band Assisted Push Up: A great resistance band exercise to help progress from knee pushups to toe push-ups by strengthening the chest, shoulders, arms, and the core.

Mini Band Activated Push Ups: Exercise to stabilize shoulder girdle during pushups to continuously use the rotator cuff throughout the entire push up.

TRX Chest Press: Standing Exercise with the TRX strap to work on shoulder, chest, and arm strength to help progress from knee to toe pushups.

Floor Push Up: Learning positioning of the push-up and what a good strong toe push up.

If you would like to improve the number of reps you do then we’ll do this grease the groove style – think of it as practicing PERFECT reps. The idea behind ‘greasing the groove’ is to practice these small sets of perfect reps several times a day so that your neuromuscular system becomes more efficient, allowing you to perform more reps, and make you stronger.

We recommend starting with sets that represent about 50% of the maximum number of unbroken pushups you can perform. Example – if I can perform 12 solid rockstar perfect form pushups, I’ll start with sets of 6 and progress from there. You’ll want to space your sets out throughout the day to allow for plenty of rest between sets to make sure your form is not suffering. You should not work to failure and you should not feel tired after your sets. When you start increasing the number of reps per set, you’ll know if you’re adding too much too fast if you feel fatigued at the end of your set and/or the end of the day. These can be done on your toes, with your hands on an elevated surface, or on your knees. For those of you hanging out in no man’s land between knees and toes, this is a good opportunity to build your perfect form toe pushups.