Improving your Rowing on the Erg

Rowing on the Erg is an incredibly efficient, full body workout and when done correctly it can be a great cardiovascular and muscular strength tool. In the videos below you will learn how to perfect your technique in the 4 phases of rowing: Catch, Drive, Finish, and Recovery. Learning proper form in rowing is CRUCIAL in helping you; be more efficient, produce better results, and most importantly stay injury free.

Rowing 101: Learning the Basics: Familiarizing yourself with the Erg. Learn how to set it up, how to adjust your foot straps,  how to get out of your foot straps, warm-up drills, and breaking down the stroke.

Perfecting The Catch Position: Helps with the goal of getting a strong catch position (the beginning position of your row on the erg) and corrects any faults that we see in class, with a drill at the end.

Banded Leg Drive Drill: Drill helps with improving a strong leg drive from that catch position.

How to remove your foot from the Erg: Learn how to quickly get on and off the erg with a straightforward move. This is perfect for camp classes when you need to hustle off the Erg and to the next exercise!