Improving Upper Body Mobility


Unlike the stability of the hip, the shoulder joint is very mobile which allows the arms to be able to go through a wider range of motion. BUT all this extra mobility means that the shoulder is also more vulnerable to injury. If you’re looking to increase your range of motion and stability to prevent injuries look below:

  • Scapular Rows and Band Pull Aparts: Improving shoulder mobility and stability to improve performance and prevent injury.
  • Internal and External Band Rotations: Increasing rotator cuff mobility
  • Arm Bar: Increasing shoulder, arm, and thoracic mobility.
  • Shoulder CARS: Increasing shoulder mobility and stability by “fighting” to pull a joint through a large range of motion. This helps improves better overhead press, pull-ups, and push-ups to keep your body in better form.
  • PVC Push Pull and Pass: a Great movement for improving overhead position and shoulder mobility.

Thoracic Spine Mobility 

The thoracic spine is often overlooked, but is in control of two critical body movements; extending the rib cage to lift our arms overhead and rotating the trunk for movements like walking, throwing a baseball, etc.  Having poor posture from slouching when sitting at your desk or looking at your phone can cause stiffness and lower the mobility of your thoracic spine. This can cause other parts of your body to compensate whether that’s your lower back or upper back. If you find yourself with poor thoracic spine mobility you may notice that you have trouble bringing weight overhead compensating with your ribs flaring or even bringing your chest out. You may also find that you’re not able to twist to look back or hit a golf ball, with your feet planted on the ground. To increase mobility here check out our video below: