Unilateral KB Circuit – Thursday, February 9 (O4W)



KB Class – Swings, Rack, OH Press, & Clean


Posterior Gains:

Deadlifts – 

3 sets of 12 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 12 reps) choose either one.





  1. 2 x hang from bar with shoulders packed in hollow body position – (max hold OR 30 sec – shorter of the 2)


  1. 2 x Flexed Arm Hang Over Bar (hollow body position and control descent – this way you get a negative in there) (max hold)


  1. Full ROM pullups (unassisted, with band, or jungle gym; break into multiple sets as needed to get prescribed reps) (R-20, W-15, B-10)




  1. Heavy Unilateral KB Circuit– pick a weight that will allow you to do 5-8 reps(If they need multiple bells to go heavier that’s fine)


-Single Leg Dead Lift with bell on same arm as plant leg (2 arms and/or 2 legs if needed)

-Single leg single arm rows (Both feet planted if needed)

-Single leg single arm Overhead Press (press arm is same as plant leg)

-Single OH KB Squats (in rack if needed)


Go through the circuit as a ladder starting at 4 reps of all exercises on the right side, and than 4 reps of all on the left. Take a rest and repeat at 5 reps/side. Continue up the ladder until you hit 7 reps on each side, and then come back down the ladder. Continue going up and down the ladder until time is called. 4-5-6-7-6-5-4-5-6-7….



  1. Tabata partner work: Partners will work together through these exercises 20:10. Switch exercises every round.



  1. Dips & Ninjas  (4min) –



2.Jumping lunges & hollow hold (4min) –