Valentine’s Day – FitWit Speed Dating – Tuesday, February 14 (O4W)




5 different stations with 1 minute to find a new partner.

1. 5 min partner medball run & lunges: Run to stop sign & back with one partner carrying the MB at a time. Then one partner lunges with the MB OH while the other rests. Keep switching until time is called.

2. partner abs:

20 Partner leg lifts (per partner)

20 MB Sit-up & pass (Per partner)

20 MB Partner Russian twists (over & back=1)

20 Plank high 5’s (Total)


3. 30:30 KB Swings – I go, you go.

4. Partner push-ups & plank 30:30- one partner does max push-ups while the other holds plank. Switch every :30

5. Us Vs the world. Burpee/sit-up challenge (how many sit-ups can you do in 5 min, switch partners after 5 burpees while keeping a running total of the groups sit-ups)