Volume Sets & Partner Heavy Carry – Thursday, January 19 (O4W)


Posterior Gains:
3 sets of 18 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 18 reps) choose either one. Will be repeating Thursday.

Pull-ups – record band used on last set. Red-18, White-14, Blue-9


Deadlifts – Record weight of KB on the 3rd set

After: 3 sets X 18 reps of
2. OH Press
3. Suitcase step up (total)

Finish with partner heavy carry for the remainder of time:
#1 will perform heavy farmers carry the width of the gym while #2 performs 10 burpees (W-8, B-5). When the burpees are complete they will switch positions, so the carry doesn’t have to be fast, focus on brace. After each partner carries twice they will take 1 lap, and repeat.

Cool down:
Shoulder mobility remainder of time
– 20xBand External Rotation per arm (use towel or ab mat)
– 20x Prone I
– 20x Prone T
– 20x Prone Y
* Lying “Y-Handcuffs – 2 Times very slow in controlled between I,T,Y to check range of motion.