Wednesday 11/14 – Beat HIIT

Beat HIIT 30 on 30 hold

3 x 7 min rounds with 1 min rest after each round


:30 sec dynamic explosive and speed, followed by :30 sec Isometric and stabilization hold.


All Body weight exercises moving all the way down the board rest and repeat


Ski Jumps

Single bent leg hold (15 sec left/right) (standing on one leg with a slightly bent leg)



Mtn Climbers

Shoulder Taps

Hip Bridges

Single leg Hip Bridge Hold (15 sec left/right)

Leg Lifts

Hollow Hold

Alt Superman

Superman Hold


Squat Hold


1 min Rest and repeat 2 more times


Finish: 7 way hips on a tabata clock (:20 sec of work / :10 sec of rest)

– Leg Lift

– Front Kick

– Back Kick

– Front & Back Kick

– Forward Circles

– Backwards Circles  

– Bicycle Kick

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