Wednesday August 1 – HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

Wednesday 8/1

HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

5 x 5 min EMOM  / 1 min Rest/Transition time between stations

Complete the reps of primary exercise, then do the secondary exercise for the rest of the min.

Slam Ball [R: 14 W: 12 B: 10] → MB Side Shuffle
KB Goblet Cleans  [R: 14 W: 12 B: 10] → Plank leg lifts
Broad Jump Burpees [R: 10 W: 8 B: 8 (non pushup broad jump burpees)] → Rest
8 x KB SeeSaw Presses (total) → Overhead Carry with 1 bell overhead and one in rack position (walking width of gym, switch arms at turnaround point)
Jumping Lunges (total) or Lunges w/knee drive (total) [R: 16 W: 14 B: 12] → Lateral Bounds