Wednesday August 2 – Teamwork makes the dream work

Team 5K Row

3 person teams

Rower → Rack Holder → Planker


-1-Arm Heavy Rack Hold (switch arms every round)

-Plank (can alternate between regular plank on forearms, high plank on palms and side plank as long as hips don’t touch the ground)

Team members rotate when the Planker or the KB drops


When finished and for remainder of time, still working in a team of 3:

Crawler → Holder → Pushup/Dips  

While one team member crawls out and back the width of the gym, the other team members complete the following:

-Hollow body hold OR Table Top Hold

-Hindu Pushups (Sub Yoga Pushups) OR Yellow Bar Dips

Animal Walk/Crawl options:

Cat crawl 

Bear crawl

Duck Walk

Frogger Jumps