Wednesday August 23 – 4-Player Team Row

4-Player Team Row (30-Min): Teams of 4 work together. Players rotate when runner returns. Which team can row the most meters in 30-min?

Player 1: Runner (run 2 parking lot laps)

Player 2: Works through crawl board, picking up where left off last RND:

  • 5 Tricep/Diamond Pushups

  • Monkey crawl out and back

  • Bear Crawl Out and Back (in an A-frame position, pressing hips up and loading shoulders, move opposite arm and leg forward at the same time)

  • Frogger out and back (from deep squat position, plant hands in front of body, and pull/hop legs to hands and repeat)

Player 3: ERG

Player 4: Works through Core board, picking up where they left off last RND  

  • :30 Heavy 1KB Overhead Hold per side (or max hold if less than :30)

  • :30 Heavy 1KB Rack Hold per side (or max hold if less than :30)

  • :30 Side Plank Hold per side

  • 15 Lemon Squeezes or V-ups

  • 10 Hanging Alternating/Rotational Knees to Chest (knees to opposite elbow)