Wednesday August 9 – 3 x 3 x 3 Stations

3 stations x 3 min per station – 30s transition between stations

Repeat for 3 total RNDS

-3-MIN Row – Distance Goals – R = 750+, W = 675+, B = 600+

-3-MIN Locomotion Circuit – set up cones approx 20 m apart, as space allows. Choose mode of travel from Cone A to Cone B, perform 10x Lemon Squeezes or V-ups at Cone A and 10x Spiderman Planks (total) at Cone B. Repeat for 3-min.

Modes of travel: bear crawl, cat crawl, duck walk, frog jumps, and crab walk.  

-3-MIN AMRAP: 5 Pullups (unassisted or JG)/10 JG Rows (alternate every round) + 30 sec goblet squat hold, Repeat.