Wednesday December 13 – Zero to Ninety

Wednesday: 12/13

Zero to Ninety (18-min)

4 Person Groups. Each Member has 90 sec to complete the prescribed reps of each exercise. If they finish early, they rest. If not, they go directly into next exercise. Repeat 3 Times for a total of 18 Mins

– Row (R – 250 m, W – 225 m, B – 200 m)

– 20 KB Overhead Step Back Lunges (total) R:(35+/25+) W:(25+/20+) B:(15+/15+)

– 50 Double Unders OR 150 Singles

– 30 KB Swings OR Goblet Cleans R:(53+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(30+/25+)



Finish with 10-12 min of partner work:

While one partner travels out and back the width of the gym, other partner performs a hold. Switch and move down the board.

Traveling Side Lunge + Hip Bridge Hold

Frogger + Table Top Hold

Crab Walk + Superman Hold

Repeat until time is called