Wednesday December 20 – Row the Circuit

Wednesday: 12/20

Row the Circuit

4-min RNDS with 45 sec rest between RNDS

-Rowers row for the full 4-min while everyone else rotates through the following 4 exercises on a :45/:15 clock

-JG Knees to Chest (feet in straps) OR Hanging Knees to Chest/Toes to Bar

– 1-Arm DB Thrusters (switch ½ way) (R- 40+/30+, W – 30+/20+, B – 20+/10+)

-1-Arm Bent-Over Rows (switch ½ way) – use same DB for thrusters and rows (adv. Renegade Rows)

– Jump Rope

Complete a total of 5 RNDS


Finish with Wall Sit + Plank Hold (8-min)

Each round is :90 – as length of wall sit decreases, plank hold increases

Wall sit :60/Plank hold :30

Wall sit :50/Plank hold :40

Wall sit :40/Plank Hold :50

Wall sit :30/Plank hold :60

Wall sit :20/Plank hold :70