Wednesday December 6 – 3 x 10 min Stations

Wednesday: 12/6

3 x 10 min stations


Station 1:

ERG Sprints – :30 on/:30 off x 10 RNDS

:30 rest can be slow paddle or true rest


Station 2: With a partner: While one partner completes the repped exercise, the other completes the non-repped exercise. Switch. Repeat with the next two exercise and AMRAP for 10-min.

15 Goblet Squats

Flexed Arm Hang (choose any grip)

15 Jungle Gyms Rows

Side Lunges

Station 3: 10-MIN AMRAP

10x Heavy KB Swings

10x Single Leg Glute Bridge Raises (each side)

5 Sumo Inchworm Pushups

Cat crawl (hips low) (width of gym and back)