Wednesday February 8th – AMRAP + Glutes Circuit

Wednesday: 2/8

ROWING  2K  RE-Test! The goal is that if you are doing the 2K this day you aren’t doing anything beforehand. On the day you do your 2K test you will jump back into the workout afters.

25 Min AMRAP: 

20x Broad Jumps

16x 2 KB Lunges (8/leg) This can be step back lunges or walking. 

16x Tricep Band Pull Down 

20x Knees to chest on pullup bar (White & Blue – Ab Rockers)

 30x MTN Climbers (Total 15/Side) 

6 min Glute circuit – 

:30 sec fire hydrants, 

:30 sec kick backs with pelvis tucked Right  

:30 sec kick backs Left 

:30 sec glute bridge raise, 

:30 sec glute bridge hold,

:30 sec Rest 

* Repeat