Wednesday July 12 – Teamwork makes the dream work.

Partner Stations – 16 min ea.

Row + Mobility

While one partner rows for 90 sec, other partner works through mobility board, picking up where they left off after each transition.

Rowing Goals:

R = 375+

W = 335+

B = 300+



Crawl – out and back width of gym

5 Inchworm Pushups

5 Cossacks – alternating for a total of 5 per side

5 Face the Wall Overhead Squats w/PVC



Run + Jungle Gym

While one partner completes a Ralph McGill  Lap, the other works through the JG exercises picking up where they left off when they return from the run. Partners switch positions when runner returns.

10 Jungle Gym Body Saw

10 JG Crunches

10 JG Agitators PER SIDE 

10 Hamstring Curls