Wednesday July 18 – HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

Wednesday 7/18

HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

5 Person Rowing Circuit (we could make it into a run and have runner as timekeeper)

– 4 Members of the group on Exercises: with a :40/:20 clock.

– 1 Member of the group Rowing for 4 Mins (Shooting for Goal Meters)

– 1 Min Rest BTWN RNDS

  • Rower: Full 4 Min RND R:(1,150m/1,050m), W:(1,050m/1,000m), B:(1,000m/923m)

  • Hollow Hold

  • Kneeling Side Ball Slams

  • Med Ball Sit Up Double Press

  • Squat High Pull R:(60+/45+) W:(40+/35+) B:(25+/20+)

Rotate in order: Rower always starts back at Hollow Hold