Wednesday July 26 – Rowing + :45/:15 Circuits

4 min/RNDS x 5 RNDS with 1 min rest between RNDS

4 min is as follows:

8 ppl on erg rowing for the full 4 min (shooting for 1000m)

The rest of the group works through the other exercises on a :45/:15 clock

– Handstand hold/pike off box/down dog hold

-Pistol Squats

-Jump rope (DU/singles)

– Walking Overhead Lunges


Finish with 8-min AMRAP:

5 Segmented Burpees (slow it down and segment each piece – squat, kick back, pushup, land in squat position, jump, clap, repeat)

10 MB Squat Press Outs (using light MB, chest press ball at bottom of squat, return to chest, stand up)

10 V-ups or Lemon Squeezes

10 Spiderman Plank (per side)