Thursday July 27 – 6-Min Strength EMOM + Tabata. Sprint. Repeat.

6-Min Strength EMOM. CHOOSE ONE:

2KB Step Back Lunge 4/leg x 3 MIN

Goblet Lunges 4/leg x 3 MIN – max bodyweight stepback lunges for remainder of the minute  


2KB See Saw Press 4/arm x 3 rounds

1-Arm Push Press 4/arm x 3 MIN –  max band shoulder press for remainder of the minute


Tabata. Sprint. Repeat.

Perform 8 rounds of :20/:10 of  an exercise. Immediately following 8th round, complete a parking lot lap as follows: jog around the curve to the straightaway, sprint the straightaway, jog back into gym. Approx 60s rest after run before starting next Tabata round.

– Row sprints :20/:10

– Side Plank Hold/Side Plank Touches 

– JG Squat Jumps/Squats

– Renegade Rows (using dumbbells) (sub bent over KB rows, as needed)