Wednesday May 2 – Merry Go Round + 7 Way Hips

Wednesday 5/2

Merry Go Round

:45 sec on / :15 sec Transition (rest)

After 1 Round of all exercises they get 1 min rest and repeat 4x

2KB March w/2 sec pause at the top [R (50+ per bell/40+) W (40/30+) B (30/20+)]

Heavy Rope Slams

6 Inch Hold

MB Overhead Lunges (adv: add weight by using a bumper plate)

Squat Jumps

Finish with: 7 Way Hips (do all moves on one side first, then switch)

Cues: lay on your side, stack hips, dorsiflex foot

:20 sec per movement

  1. leg raises

  2. forward kicks (as high to waist as possible)

  3. back kicks (go as far back as long as leg stays straight)

  4. full kick (all the way forward and backward)

  5. forward circles

  6. backward circles

  7. bicycles