Wednesday May 30 – Witness the HIITness

Wednesday: 5/30

Witness the HIITness

5 RNDS on a :30/:15 clock

Rest :30 after each RND

KB Swings

Plank Leg Lifts ​

Lateral Box Shuffle

Mountain Climbers

Lemon Squeezes

Jumping Lunges (sub step back lunges)

Rest 30 sec

Finish with: 7 Way Hips – 5 min

Complete all 7 movements on one side before moving to the other side

Cues: lay on your side, stack hips, dorsiflex foot

:20 sec per movement

  1. leg raises

  2. forward kicks (as high to waist as possible)

  3. back kicks (go as far back as long as leg stays straight)

  4. full kick (all the way forward and backward)

  5. forward circles

  6. backward circles

  7. bicycles