Wednesday October 17th – HIIT: 4 Rounds  :45 on :15 Rest

Wednesday: 10/17

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

  • 3x Kneeling Shoulder CARS HOlding Tennis Ball in Working Arm and PVC in Non-Working Arm (Each Side)
  • 3x Prone Shoulder Lift Offs

HIIT: 4 Rounds  :45 on :15 Rest

with 1 min BTWN RNDS

1.Goblet Step Back Lunge R:(53+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(25+/20+)

2.Lateral Band Raises

3.1KB Straight Leg Deadlift R:(60+/53+) W:(45+/40+) B:(35+/30+)

4.Band Pull Aparts

5.KB Headcutters R:(45+/40+) W:(35+/30+) B:(20+/15+)

6. Band Bicep Curls

7. High Knees