Weekly Camp Newsletter: How to make a triumphant return to the gym!

Hey gang,

Summer travel has plenty of folks out of the gym this month, and if we’re not careful this can snowball into more time off as we catch up with work and make excuses and then feel bad about missing and then we hide behind the banana stand when we see Ethan in the grocery store because we feel guilty.

Fortunately, we have a time-tested method that works 100% of the time in getting you back on track.

Just show up.

Just show up and break a sweat and work on moving properly. Don’t worry about reps or time or anything else other than moving well through the workout at a moderate pace. Blue level.

Step two – show up again. You’ll notice that step one wasn’t so scary and you now feel a little better.

And once you string a few of these workouts together, you’re officially back on track. At this point, you can again focus on turning up the intensity, working on goals and measuring your progress. But again, the first priority is simply showing up.

And if you really want to mark your triumphant return, hit us with your game plan. We just got this email below from someone who has missed a bit these last few months but has responded with an action plan. This helps us help you, and we love getting emails like this!

Just wanted to put this in an email to help me with accountability.

Attendance: For July my goal is to attend FitWit every weekday – that will give me 14 total days in July! Then August get into the 4x per week routine!

Fitness: I think my goals will take care of themselves with increased attendance. Basically, I want to play hockey, ski, hike, etc. without fitness being a hindrance. I start strong and fade quickly in workouts so stamina and cardio are huge goals for me.

Mobility: My knees always hurt – Knee mobility and stretches to strengthen muscle, joints, ligaments, whatever can help alleviate that. Besides that basically any and all mobility. I’m not flexible at all.

This has all the makings of a triumphant return to his best self, and now we as coaches are better prepared to help him get there. If you’re in a similar boat, let your coach know!

Now some news:

Altra Running Clinic – Eric from Altra running shoes is doing a running clinic and shoe demo for us at FitWit Kirkwood on July 21 at 11:15 am. The running clinic will include tips and technique on proper running form, injury prevention, along with a drill that will clean up your form, reduce ground contact, and reduce the amount of force on your joints! In the end, you will have key tools to become a faster, healthier runner. RSVP here.

Do you want to do yoga 1x/week? – We’re exploring a partnership with Seviin yoga (a studio off Hosea in Kirkwood) whereby FitWit members could tack on a 5x/month membership to their studio for only $30 more per month. This would enable you to do one yoga class each week to supplement the work you do at FitWit. Yoga offers a great opportunity to work on your flexibility, which is different than mobility in that it’s more passive stretching than active control. Both are valuable!

We need at least 10 people interested to make it happen. Please email me if you’re interested. The class schedule is here.

 Nutrition Coaching Program – Sandybell is now officially Precision Nutrition certified and will be leading a new group of folks through the program starting in the next two weeks. If weight loss is a goal of yours, check out the details here and feast your eyes on some of the transformation pictures from last year’s Precision Nutrition winners.

This is a NOT a quick-fix program. It’s a habit-based approach to empower you with the skills and know-how to change your body AND sustain it! AND, we’re also including one FREE Inbody scan each month to hold you accountable and track your progress.

We only have room for 5 more folks to join. Please email me if you’re interested and we’ll set up a phone call to make sure you’re a good candidate for the program.

 Double Under Workshop – Jonesin’ to get that first double under or master 50 unbroken? Let us help you get there! Join Beka for a 1-hr double under workshop where she’ll drop some knowledge, share skills, drills, and progressions to help you get that first or 50th double under. The workshop will be held on Saturday, August 4 at 11:15 am and the cost is $20. Sign up here!

Monthly Challenge – GOAL: complete 12 sessions of focused mobility for the thoracic (mid-back) spine, hips, or your specific problem area. You can choose from the routines below and follow along with the drills in the video. Or, let us know what area on you is in need of attention and we’ll set you up with a mobility session focused around your specific needs.

Thoracic Mobility – https://youtu.be/8gdqOObf8b0

Hip Mobility – https://youtu.be/Tos99g5BZ-M

Nutritious Nuggets – Would you like some coffee with your sugar? If you’ve been asked this question or if the soundtrack to your life is Def Leppards “Pour Some Sugar On Me” on repeat, Maddie is here to help. Here are 3 practical steps to take to decrease your sugar intake so you can get a hold of it rather than it have a hold on you!

Fat loss or muscle gain goal? – You can get tested with the Inbody any Wednesday or Saturday. If you have a fat loss or muscle gain goal, this test will give you some valuable data to help you refine your plan and maximize success.


7/21 – Running Workshop – 11:15 am at the Kirk

7/28 – FREE Workout – 9 am at O4W Gym

8/4 – Double Under Workshop – 11 am at O4W Gym

8/25 – FitWit Team Games & Member Appreciation Party – SAVE THE DATE!

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