Weekly FitWit News – 8/11/18

Hey team,

Great week in the gym and a special shout-out to the August newbies who just joined the FitWit fam!

Before I get to the weekly gym news, a quick note that this upcoming week is our member round-up survey that we do twice each year – one in January and one in August. We talk about our members weekly at each staff meeting, but this takes it a step further to help us re-calibrate with each of you.

At our round-up time, we ask each member to take three minutes and fill out a few questions to: 1) make sure we’re not missing anything or failing to serve you in any way 2) get on the same page about any goals you may have and 3) give you space to offer any suggestions or general gym comments or funny jokes that we need to hear.

We’re shooting for 100% completion by every member (Newbies, you can ignore this survey because you just got here.) That means, someone from our staff will be following up with you if we don’t hear from you by next Friday. It’s love, not harassment. Even if you say, “But Josh, I don’t really have any goals besides showing up. I don’t care about socials or t-shirts or monthly challenges or the deliciously refreshing endless supply of water flowing in not one but two fountains” we would still just like to know that to make sure we’re not missing anything with you. You can even eye-roll as you’re filling out these 5 measly questions and you wouldn’t be hurting our feelings. And be honest with the feedback. If cleaner windows is important to you, let us know.

Also, hear this about your goals – a goal to simply get off the floor without pain is just as good as a goal to lose 10 lbs or get your first pullup. Looking forward to your feedback!

Now, your weekly news:

Gym Remodel – We be growing, y’all. Sometime in the next few weeks, we’ll be demoing the wall between the studio room and the office. This will give us two larger spaces to use for bigger classes and our FitWit Kids program (and we’re hoping to turf the space as well). Stay tuned as we may have to cancel next Saturday’s studio classes if demo begins on Friday.

Kitchen Rescue Pack – If you missed it, we sent out a free resource from Precision Nutrition this week. Go here to grab your Kitchen Rescue Pack download.

Please sign into class – Friendly reminder to please sign into class using Mindbody. This is important to avoid overcrowding in classes, especially in the 5 am and 6 am classes.

Are you on Facebook? – If so, join our gym FB group here.

FitWit Legends (55+ class) – We’re going to launch a FitWit class for folks 55 and older who simply want to focus on strength and mobility. We call it “FitWit Legends” and this will be a non-impact class (read: no burpees or running) with lots of slower kettlebell strength movements and mobility work. We’re planning on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule at 10:30 am starting in September. Do you know of anyone who might be interested? Please email me. Thanks!

Team Games & Member Appreciation Party – After getting some feedback from you all, we’ve decided to make a change to the Team Games onSaturday, August 25. One of the concerns was that it’s big time commitment on a Saturday, which is tough for a lot of folks. So, we’ve decided to start at11 am and simply run three team workouts/games before the member party. No entry fee. 5 people/team, preferably at least two men and two women. Just show up and treat this as your Saturday workout with friends.

And, to prep you, here are the three workouts: 1) A Bike Calorie relay 2) A field day style relay (think sack race, egg race style) 3) A wall ball, burpee, row relay. These are fairly short events that should be wrapped up in an hour and then we celebrate with the Member Party lunch. The team with the most points gets a hot new “Together Stronger” FitWit shirt. Please go here to list your team members or sign up as a free agent. Aaaand, it’s FREE!

Whether or not you attend or participate in the Team Games, ALL are invited to our annual member appreciation party that starts around 12 pm so that we can shower you with tacos, burritos, beer and so much more. Family welcome!

Please RSVP here so we know how much food and drinks to get. Thanks!

August Kettlebell Swing Challenge – GOAL: 1200 high quality kettlebell swings in the month of August. AND at least 12 times over the course of the month, complete 10 reps of each of the following 3 drills BEFORE doing your kettlebell swings for the day. These drills are designed to help you start in the best position possible, get in a better hinge position and be more explosive in your swing.

1. Kettlebell Deadlift

2. Band Pull Throughs

3. The Hike

Fine print: kettlebell swings programmed in the workouts do NOT count toward your monthly total. Do this challenge before or after class. As always, record your awesomeness on the whiteboard!

Fat loss or muscle gain goal? – If you have a fat loss or muscle gain goal, the InBody test will give you some valuable data to help you refine your plan and maximize success. All FitWit members save a little cash too by signing up here, coupon codes are included in the email version of your weekly news or contact [email protected]



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