Hey Guys!

We all know that Meal Prep is one of the best ways to stay on top of your whole 30 challenge this month. And one of my favorite ways to do this is by searching recipes the day before I go grocery shopping, if I forget (most of the time I do) I search 15-40 minutes before I go shopping. This has made a world of a difference in what goes in my cart and what comes out of my wallet #stayingfrugal. Afterwards, I try to strategize on what I’m going to put in the oven, what I’m putting on the skillet, what needs to be cut up, and what’s going in the instant pot. And then I package it up nicely in clear containers.

Each week, my boyfriend and I stick with making 2-3 full meals for the week, as well as prepping fruits and veggies for the week. Depending on how well we plan and hustle in the kitchen we can usually finish prepping, cooking, and cleaning in 2.5-3 hours, team work makes the dream work.




Before I start listing all the things I need, my pantry and fridge are checked for ingredients I already have. Then I list out any ingredients that are in my recipes that I need to buy. On top of that I list out different combos that I can try to spice up my meal and make it feel “different”.


Once I get home I put some music on or a podcast, I’ve been digging Crime Junkie lately. Really anything to keep me motivated to prep, cook, and clean. Once that’s set I get to work;

  • Kitchen tools and ingredients are out and oven is preheated to 350 degrees F.
    • Kitchen tools: Knife, cutting board, measuring cups, measuring spoons, skillet, food processor (optional), Instant Pot, Large mixing bowls, baking pan
    • Ingredients open
  • I peel all the onions, cut them in quarters and pulse them in the food processor (4-6 pulses)- drain any liquid if needed. You can also chop them the ole fashioned way knife and chop board in hand w/ a box of tissues.
  • I dice up all the sweet potatoes and add them on the skillet with olive oil, onions, and thyme to soften (5 minutes)- transfer in a greased or non-stick casserole pan
  • While the Sweet potato are softening- grab your mixing bowl, I start adding all the ingredients in for the meat loaf: Raw ground beef, raw onions, almond flour, eggs, olive oil, salt and flour.
  •  Transfer meatloaf mixture to a greased baking pan and wash mixing bowl to reuse for mixing the top sauce. Once that sauce is mixed, spread on top of the meatloaf and toss that baby in the oven for 1 hour until it gets to 155 degrees F.
  • While the meatloaf mixture is baking, I have the ground pork browning on the skillet
  • Once the ground pork is browned I add that to the top of the sweet potatoes and onions- In a separate bowl I’ll add in eggs, almond milk, salt, pepper, paprika, chile pepper, kale and pour that on top of the casserole mixture. In the oven it goes for 25-30 minutes or just until eggs are set in the center.
  • While this is all going on I have my boyfriend working on the lettuce wrap mixture- since we have an instant pot he’s in one corner cutting the veggies and using the saute setting to cook everything (20-25 min).
  • If everything is cooking at one time- I start loading the dish washer and then start cutting up papaya or a big set of fruit for the week.
  • Once everything finishes cooking, I let it cool down and then all the meals that I need for lunches are separately packed, dinners that I have enough time to prepare for myself are put in larger containers easy for prep time.
  • Kale is cooked day of or made into a salad to go with meatloaf or PF chang chicken.


It doesn’t have to be the same ole broccoli and meatloaf each night. Play mix and match with your veggies and meals. Try adding new things or prepping in different ways, keep it interesting!