Workplace Wellness Transformation Challenge

Energize your office with FitWit’s 5-Week Transformation Challenge! We provide an easy turn-key solution for your workplace wellness plan, and we handle EVERY component at your office from testing to marketing to prizes.

Participants will learn to reshape their nutrition habits, their mindsets and their bodies by sticking to healthy eating rules, working out and making small lifestyle change. AND, each employee receives a before and after InBody Composition Scan to help understand exactly what’s going on inside the body – muscle mass, fat percentage and water composition.

But Why?

When it comes to nutrition we sometimes need a jump-start to get out of the “what in the world have I been eating?” rut. We recognize everyone has specific nutritional needs, however, we believe there is an outline that works best for most people – whole real foods. This includes lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, some fruit, healthy fats, and lots of water. There are a plethora of options when it comes to eating real foods. Think of these five weeks as an opportunity to learn what foods make you feel yo best! This challenge is completed individually, however everyone is strongly encouraged to have an accountability partner, which will allow you to gain more points and stay on track. Start summer off strong by building good habits and mindset with the support and encouragement of our challenge director and the entire group of participants.

AND, though your improved mindset and body is the REAL prize, you have the chance to win great prizes! Altra running shoes, a FREE month of FitWit, plus FREE InBody Scans and more.

Check out what people have said in previous challenges:

“I have lost over 10 pounds!” ~Vicki

“Since removing alcohol my sleep has improved and I feel much more energized for my morning workouts.” ~Jill

“I find myself looking at food and thinking “do I need to eat that or do I want to eat it?” and “are you really hungry or just thirsty or bored?”. Moving forward I am trying to make meal prep easy more organized. more planned out and less my own episode of “Chopped”” ~Alison

“I can see more muscle definition, and I’m fitting into clothes that had been moved to the back of the closet.” ~Meagan

“I feel calmer. My mood and energy level aren’t shifting as dramatically.” ~ Brandie

“Biggest mindset change: challenge is over, but I am not changing how I am eating! this is just the beginning!!!!” ~Kate


What‘s Included

The Transformation Challenge runs for 5 Weeks (dates determined by your company), with body composition measurements immediately before and after the challenge.

  • FitWit Nutrition Resource Guide
  • Whole30 Program Rules
  • InBody Muscle and Fat Analysis. The InBody goes beyond traditional body composition measurements and includes measuring body fat, water retention, visceral fat (around your organs) and segmental fat (where is it located), and lean muscle mass. This test is non-invasive and pain free! For more info on this test and the results, go here.
  • Community support through discussion on FaceBook in the private Eat Fit Group
  • Challenge Calendar to help you make small, daily improvements that add up to BIG change after 5 weeks.
  • 5-Week Workout Plan that outlines a basic 3x/week program to do at home or in the gym.
  • Meal Prep Class, with Coach Maddie. Learn quick and easy tips to plan and prep your meals for the entire week
  • Healthy Cooking Tips Class, with Michelle Skalka, owner of the Clean Plate Club. Learn tips and tricks to make all your healthy eating taste great!
  • Prizes and raffles for individuals with the most points earned, and most fat loss loss. Weekly raffles include restaurant gift cards, art, theater tickets and MORE!
  • Unlimited support from your challenge director (Maddie Keller) and other participants
  • FIVE focused weeks to improve your diet and lifestyle habits!

“In the past when traveling for work I would have continued eating poorly when returning home. This time I was able to quickly make changes when I returned. I am learning to add vegetables to everything.” ~Rachel

“I made a conscious choice to enjoy some chips and salsa…and for my next meal I picked right back up on Whole30. This helped me find the balance I need to sustain. ~Joey

“I’ve notices that I’ve got a better mindset. For example, if I make a “mistake” on one meal I’m not giving up on the rest of my meals.” ~ Madison

“I’ve learned to make better choices when I go out to eat.” ~ Lisa

” I have a lot more energy throughout the day. I started reading labels and realized how much sugar is in everything!” ~ Dana

Grand Prizes

Most points

The person with the most points will win personal chef hours with Clean Plate Club Atl. This session will include recipe and menu development and an in-home cooking lesson. AND 3 additional InBody Scans to use throughout the year.

Second place winner will receive a one hour nutrition consult with Coach Maddie. AND 2 additional InBody Scans.

Most Fat Loss

The top male and female with the most overall fat percentage lost (calculated as Body Fat% #1 – Body Fat% #2 / Body Fat % #1)  will receive:

  • a pair of Altra running shoes
  • ONE MONTH FitWit membership
  • 6 InBody Scans to use throughout 2019!


20 – 50 employees – $89/person

50 – 100 employees – $79/person

100+ – $59/person

If you’re interested, please email We’ll set up an initial conversation to see how we can best work with your company. Thanks!